Michael Clements Windward

Global leader, consultant, President at Windward Engineers & Consultants, specializing in engineering system design and strategic client outcomes.

About Michael Clements Windward

Academic Milestones

Michael Clements completed his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2014. He then embarked on his MBA journey at Georgia State University in 2012, devoting himself to further studies during that period.

A Leader At Windward

Michael Clements is a leader at Windward and consultant with prolific experience on a global level. He has built a career leading multidisciplinary engineering system design teams.

A Career With CUH2A Inc

In 2003, Michael Clements was freshly graduated with his degree in mechanical engineering and began a career with CUH2A, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. In the twenty years since, he has worked for popular companies such as Merrick & Company, Vanderweil Engineers, and AECOM.

An Adaptive Leadership Certificate

Clements received his Adaptive Leadership Certificate from the United States Marine Corps in 2013.

Leadership is about guiding and empowering multidisciplinary teams to achieve innovative engineering solutions on a global scale.

Michael Clements Windward


News & Media

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